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  • Rubie Tran

To save is to build wealth for a better future

Case study

The idea of cooperative financial services and specifically of credit unions was not well-known among the youth in Luangnamtha province. Chan Thippakeo, a government officer at the district advertising office was introduced to the idea in 2010 when she attended a village meeting.

The Khonchan Credit Union presentation allowed Chan to understand the mission of credit unions to help to provide a young independent working woman like herself easier access to savings and lending financial services.

Born into a family of five and being the oldest child, Chan carries a burden of family responsibility. Her dream, simple enough, is to build a good life where her career can financially support herself and family members when needed.

To save is to build wealth, and I’m proud that my effort of monthly saving has awarded me with a sense of security as well as it has strengthened my capability to financially support my family in case of emergency. – Chan Thippakeo

As a happy member, she encouraged her younger siblings who are still students, to become associate members of credit union where they can start developing the habit of thrift at young age, solely to pave way for a future where becoming “financially independent” is possible to achieve.

Chan has now been a credit union member for over 8 years, and Chan has grown to appreciate the concepts of saving and financial prudence. Today, Chan has a total of 10,000,000 kips (AUD$1,700) in her Khonchan Credit Union savings account.

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