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Gifts for Kids Christmas Toy Appeal

For disadvantaged children, Christmas can be a sad, lonely and heartbreaking time. You can help bring joy to these children by donating a gift to the Barnardo's Gifts for Kids Christmas Appeal which aims to gift 10,000 Christmas presents to disadvantaged children this year.

Your participation in the appeal can help ensure that every child in Barnardo's Australia’s care has a gift to unwrap on Christmas Day.

How you can get involved

Make a donation

Thousands of children depend on Barnardo's Australia's services every day. By donating cash, we can tailor gifts to what each of the vulnerable children and their families really want and need.

Send in a gift card

This year there is a real need to support the teenagers and older kids in Barnardos' care. Simply choose your amount and Barnardo's will send a gift card of that value to a vulnerable young person in their care for Christmas.

Pick a gift online

We have a range of popular gifts to suit children of different ages. Simply choose your gift, and we’ll deliver it to a child in need this Christmas.

Let’s help bring smiles to thousands of children’s faces and make Christmas extra special this year.

Thank you for your support!

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