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  • Rubie Tran

ACCU is helping to promote credit union and credit co-operatives in Africa

The Asian Confederation of Credit Union (ACCU) welcomed 18 leaders from Saving and Credit Cooperatives from Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe on their study visit to Thailand from January 20 – 26, 2019. ACCOSCA, the regional organisation of credit unions in Africa and ACCU foster strategic partnerships to share experiences and best practices in credit union development.

ACCU-ACCOSCA Savings and Credit Cooperative exchange program has been successfully organised with the collaboration from the Credit Union League of Thailand and the Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperative. The group visited credit unions and SACCO in the northern provinces Chiang Mai and Lumphoon.

Mostly coming from an institution type of financial cooperatives, the study visit triggered a desire for leaders to open up their membership to communities in the name of financial inclusion. In October, ACCU will take part in the SACCOS Summit in Kenya organised by ACCOSCA. In the same manner, ACCOSCA delegation will also attend the ACCU forum in September.

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