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2019/20 Bushfire Disaster Appeal update

During 2019/2020, the AMF raised over $380,000 for communities affected by the devastating bushfires in Australia. One organisation that the AMF helped was the Rocky Hall Bushfire Brigade and we are pleased to have been able to help them. Here’s how they used the funds they received from the AMF.

Rocky Hall Bushfire Brigade

With support from the AMF, the Rocky Hall Bushfire Brigade was able to purchase a computer and a printer. This will greatly improve their ability to communicate with their Fire Control office, help them get up-to-date weather forecasts, and disseminate information to their community during the next emergency situation.

The Brigade built an office, which will house their computing equipment in a secure, dust-free, and temperature stable environment. They have also set up a satellite NBN connection which allows the computer to connect with the world beyond their little valley. With both these improvements completed the Brigade was comfortable to purchase the computing equipment with the funds received from the AMF.

The Brigade would like to thank the AMF and all the Bushfire Disaster Appeal donors who helped make these improvements possible.

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