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Supporting the Circle of Security Parenting Program

Updated: May 18, 2023

Their Story: Jess*

The Australian Mutuals Foundation is proud to be Barnardos Australia’s top corporate partner, a leading children’s charity which runs various programs to assist parents and families in supporting their children’s recovery and wellbeing.

Jess is a single mother who was struggling in particular with the behaviour of her young child who was showing signs of mental illness, against a background of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Jess participated in the Barnardos Australia’s Circle of Security Parenting Program, which is an eight-session course, designed to help provide parents with specific skills and techniques to help nurture and strengthen parent-child relationships.

Knowledge gained from completing the course led to an improvement in the relationship between Jess and her child. Jess also learned the importance of being emotionally present whilst also learning how to identify moments in parenting when she needed to take charge.

With the help of her Barnardos Family Support Worker and counsellor, Jess now feels more relaxed and confident in her parenting practices and is able to share triumphs in parenting where she is able to handle difficult situations and benefit from a closer relationship with her child.

“The Circle of Security Parenting Program has been a great experience and the lessons have been very helpful to my daily lifestyle. I’ve found meeting and socialising with the other mothers helpful too.” says Jess.

The Circle of Security Parenting Program has been designed to provide parents with the knowledge and understanding of parenting issues, while learning skills to respond more effectively to children’s emotions and behaviours.

Jess is just one example of how Barnardos Australia helps to provide support programs and services that empower families to overcome challenges and build stronger relationships.

The Australian Mutuals Foundation is proud to be a corporate partner to Barnardos Australia, which is one of Australia’s leading children’s charities. If you would like to help support their amazing work, please donate today.

*name changed and stock photo used to protect privacy

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