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Hosting the Barnardos Yurungai End-of-Year Dinner 2023

Representatives from the Australian Mutuals Foundation had a unique and wonderful opportunity to spend some time with kids from the Barnardos Australia Yurungai Centre at the Yurungai End of Year Dinner held on 29 November 2023.

Representatives from Australian Mutual Bank, Unity Bank, First Choice Credit Union and the Australian Mutuals Foundation were pleased to meet and interact with the Yurungai students.

About the Yurungai Learning Centre

Located in Waterloo, Sydney, an area with a large Indigenous community, the Yurungai Learning Centre delivers a range of after school services to around 30 children aged between 5 and 12 years of age, offering support with homework, cultural learning, life skills, self-confidence and the provision of nutritious meals. The Australian Mutuals Foundation's funding is used to support the Yurungai Centre's literacy and numeracy program with the key objective to help close the education achievement gap that exists between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal primary school students. The aim is to have children at Yurungai achieving curriculum benchmark levels or above, in both literacy and numeracy.

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