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An Amazing Race for a Great Cause

The 2024 Barnardos Australia Amazing Race event was held on Thursday 30th May, and volunteers on behalf of the Australian Mutuals Foundation eagerly seized the opportunity to have lots of fun whilst raising funds and awareness for a great cause.

The Amazing Race is a fundraising initiative run by Barnardos Australia, a leading children’s charity which works to keep vulnerable children safe from abuse and neglect. Barnardos aims to break the cycle of disadvantage and create a brighter future for children in need.

Like the popular TV show, the Barnardos Amazing Race event encourages participants to use critical thinking skills to navigate through a variety of tasks and challenges. For over two hours, our volunteers worked hard to overcome both mental and physical challenges that saw them reach their checkpoints and arrive at a secret location to enjoy and celebrate their victories.  

“It was a really great bonding experience for everyone involved. Our team the AMF Super Six came second overall which was amazing, considering we were last to every check point lol. We showed how well we worked as a team and how creative we could be when it came to taking some happy snaps along the way! It is an event that I would highly recommend to anybody to get involved in!”

– Marc Zarifa, AMF Volunteer.

The Australian Mutuals Foundation would like to thank our volunteers for putting up their hand to have a go, as we continue to support Barnardos Australia as their top corporate partner.

The Australian Mutuals Foundation is proud to partner with Barnardos Australia to help offer volunteering opportunities like the Amazing Race to Mutuals, Credit Unions, Building Societies and Co-operatives. To find out how to get involved, please contact us.

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